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Lubricants For
Conveyors And Chains

Discover The Advantage Of Lube Logic® Lubricants

  • Eliminate Risk! Choosing a lubricant that is recommended by the lubricator manufacturer assures compatibility.
  • Extend the life of the conveyor. Reduce drive power requirements.
  • Keep product from swaying. Eliminate surging caused by unlubricated and worn conveyor.
  • Reduce downtime and manual labor in lubricating chain and trolleys.

"real oil" Lubricant. This lubricant is excellent for conveyors and chains used in a factory or warehouse at temperatures between 50 and 180 F. This lubricant contains a non-drip tackiness additive and is silicone free. Viscosity is ISO 68.

LL1000 MSDS pdf_gif
"real oil" Lubricant. This lubricant is excellent for conveyors and chains used with paint finishing systems, E coat systems, and powder coat systems with conveyor temperatures to 400 F. This lubricant is 100% synthetic, water-soluble, and silicone free. It provides excellent ashless performance at high temperatures. This lubricant allows conveyors to run cleanly, without carbon abrasives or residue that adversely affect conveyor life. Viscosity is ISO 68.

LL2000 MSDS pdf_gif
"real oil" Lubricant. This lubricant is excellent for roller chains on oven conveyors used at high temperatures. This includes lithographic chains, food and beverage can coating lines, tenter frames in textile plants, kiln car wheel bearings, refractory plants, paint lines and drying ovens, particle and gypsum board manufacturing, fiberglass lines, kiln support rollers, cement plants, and commercial bakery oven chains. This lubricant is an extreme high-temperature, synthetic fluid with a flash point in excess of 500 F. This lubricant can be used in industrial applications where air temperatures frequently exceed 400 F. The high smoke, flash and fire points of this remarkable lubricant help alleviate concerns of fire hazards associated with other fluids. This lubricant is formulated to provide excellent anti-wear performance and high-temperature oxidation stability with a non-sludging, ashless additive system and is silicone free. Viscosity is ISO 68.

LL3000 MSDS pdf_gif

Prices are U.S. Dollars and U.S. Gallons. FOB factory warehouse and subject to change. One gallon samples are available upon request. For special applications, or application not listed above, please contact G.P. Reeves Inc. for technical assistance.

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